In November we recorded our 4th album "Svenskt Vemod" which has been lying in wait since several years for the right moment. It features six tracks which closes the gap of evolution between Rakbladsvalsen & Gråtoner as well as the progress from there to "Skogens Hjärta" which in fact is the 5th album and it will make more sense to some when "Svenskt Vemod" is available and we aim to have both of these releases out simultaneously. A sample will be available soon and this page will expand downwards with news about plenty of other things that are in the works. We have also been so thoughtful to create pages at some other places around the web for all of you who prefer places like facebook or tumblr for reading and sharing updates rather than sharing a link to this page and the links to these will always be at the bottom of this page.

As there is a limit of a hundred downloads at Soundcloud with a regular account I make the two out of six songs available here:

Dö av ren vilja & Tusenfaldiga sår

Click on the titles to download the songs.

For those of you that haven't been able to get Skogens Hjärta I've uploaded it again and you can get it by clicking on the title. Its physical release will either come along with Svenskt Vemod or after it.

Pages are made for some art and photos that I've made the last years. The pages are updated from time to time.
Here is a link to the pages:



Hypothermia is currently preparing for a tour together with Psychonaut 4. Our schedule got several gaps at the moment and we are fine with performing at smaller clubs and pubs during the weekdays to keep ourselves going until the coming weekends! If you or anyone else can help please write to Hypothermia at Hypothermia@unjoy.com

A full tour-schedule will be posted when some more of the dates are set!

Meanwhile the vinyl-releases of "Svenskt Vemod" and "Skogens Hjärta", both on DLP are in the works.
We will design a special shirt that will be available only with the pre-orders.

More things are to come!



Other pages:


Last updated 10th December 2012